10685NAT Course in Safe Handling of Sharps and Infectious Waste

Course Description

This course aims to equip participants with comprehensive knowledge, skills, and competencies to perform their job safely in environments where sharps or infectious waste may be present. The course will cover both generic and specific competencies.

If your job involves being a council ranger, a public worker in parks or city services, domestic or commercial cleaning, medical care, first aid, waste and recycling collection or processing, auto repair or towing, or public transportation, then this course is highly recommended for you.

If your job involves dealing with sharps or infectious waste on a regular or occasional basis, or if you’re accountable for managing public spaces where needle sticks and human waste could pose a risk of injury, it’s important to know how to handle them safely to prevent contamination or injury.

This course will teach you how to implement measures to control potential hazards associated with sharps and infectious waste. Additionally, you will learn how to safely dispose of sharps and infectious waste and properly complete any necessary workplace documentation.

Units Delivered

The certificate will include the following units:

  • 10685NAT – Course in Safe Handling of Sharps and Infectious Waste
  • SAFSIW001 – Remove sharps and infectious waste safely

Assessment Activities

Practical scenario demonstrations

  • Scenario 1 – basic disposal of a single exposed sharp:
  • Scenario 2 – complex disposal of multiple exposed and hidden sharps
  • Scenario 3 – disposal of infectious waste


Documentation – Completion of 2 risk assessment forms (1 each for scenarios 2 & 3).

Verbal questions and explanations – These 5 oral questions must be answered by each student.

Theory assessment – At the end of the training session, there will be a 15-question multiple-choice written exam. You can use your learning resource material during the exam. However, you must answer all questions correctly to pass.

Learning Rights, Responsibilities and Support, including Complaints.

Training and assessment is delivered on behalf of Allens Training Pty Ltd RTO 90909.

The student handbook gives all the information about your rights and responsibilities, as well as procedures for complaints and appeals at allenstraining.com.au.

Certificate Renewal Requirements

This certificate does not require renewal

Course Duration

Face to face min duration 240 minutes

Delivery Location

Public Classes (Clayton, Victoria)
Are held at our training facility located at Suite 35, 195 Wellington Road, Clayton, VIC 3168.

Group Bookings (Australia-wide)
Courses are delivered Australia-wide in your workplace during or out of business hours at no extra cost. There is a minimum of 6 participants (maximum of 10 per session) required for a group booking at your service.

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